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Hawk Mountain Sanctuary Association


Help keep hawks, eagles and falcons safe and soaring worldwide and use raptors and their amazing migrations to engage and inspire. We're conserving birds of prey from habitat loss, shooting and pesticides through conservation science and education.

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Hawk Mountain Sanctuary Association

Hawk Mountain Sanctuary is the world's first refuge for birds of prey, and a leader in the study and protection of our magnificent hawks, eagles and falcons.

At Hawk Mountain, we know first hand how moved people are to see a hawk soar across the sky. That's why raptors, or "birds of prey" make such a compelling focus for learning. Here, we study birds of prey, monitor their annual, amazing migrations, and use our findings to train young conservationists and educate the public.

To help connect more people with nature and, in particular, birds of prey, Hawk Mountain operates a 2,600-acre Sanctuary open to the public year-round. Here, volunteer and paid biologists count migrant raptors each autumn and the public is welcome to join in the fun and thrill. But whether the birds fly or not, Hawk Mountain still boasts an incredible view, 8 miles of trails and its rich conservation legacy.

Hawk Mountain was created in 1934 by one woman with a vision to stop the shooting of hawks along a Pennsylvania ridgetop. Today, supporters across the United States pay tribute to the place that 'started it all' for raptor conservation.