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Honduras Hope


Food for hungry children. Access to clean drinking water & healthcare. Educational support. Better housing, schools, sanitation & nutrition. Empowering girls/women. Economic development. Sustainable programs. Honduras COVID-19 pandemic & hurricane relief.

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Success Story

  • EVA, a destitute twelve year old AIDS orphan, wanted desperately to attend high school. Living with no financial support in a remote mountain village a half days travel to the nearest high school, further education was just a dream. However, with our assistance, Eva was able to stay in the Honduras Hope/Help boarding house in the town of Yoro and thus, attend high school. The Boarding House, staffed by loving house parents, gives such teens the structure and guidance needed to succeed at school. Eva recently graduted and now plans to become a teacher.
  • MARTA, recently widowed, was living with her five children in a half collapsed mud hut in the mountains near San Jose. Here, they were discovered by a Honduras Hope nurse. Two of Marta's children were near death due to malnourishment. Our nurse brought Marta and her children to the Honduras Hope Clinic and provided life saving supplements for the children. Then Honduras Hope with the help of the local villagers built Marta's family a new concrete house, which will also protect the family from the deadly disease of Chagas. Marta and all her children survived and now have hope for a new tomorrow.