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Children's Scholarship Fund


Every child deserves a quality education and opportunity to dream big. We provide K-8 scholarships to children of low-income families, creating a ripple effect that extends far beyond graduation, providing a path to a meaningful career and brighter future.

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Success Story

When twins Aaron and Jessica R. were starting Kindergarten, their mother, Yesenia knew she wanted to send them to Mt. Carmel-Holy Rosary School (MCHR). She was impressed by its safe and caring environment and high test scores, and it was also close to home and the HeadStart program where she works on the kitchen staff.

But when a school administrator told her the annual tuition for both children, Yesenia said, "Don't tell me more, I can't afford it." Fortunately, the administrator encouraged her to apply to CSF, and Aaron and Jessica began Kindergarten at MCHR.

It's not easy for Yesenia and her husband to pay their portion of the tuition on just Yesenia's income (her husband is studying for his GED), bit it's worth the sacrifices they make for the twins. "I'm very happy to have them there. I have no doubt that they benefited," Yesenia told us. "The scholarship helps me and them get ahead in life.”

Now, Aaron and Jessica are thriving at MCHR. Jessica is a gifted artist; her cartoons and comics are in high demand among her friends. Aaron is such an avid reader that he regularly carries up to 15 books in his backpack. "He's afraid of losing them," Yesenia jokes. At the moment, Aaron hopes to become a doctor, while Jessica wants to be an astronaut.

"Whatever they are interested in, I try to find it for them," Yesenia said. "I have so many hopes. I didn't get to go to school and have a career. I hope they get what I didn't have."