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Dogs Deserve Better


Providing rescue & safety to abandoned, neglected, chained and penned canines throughout the US. Public education, spay / neuter / emergency medical services, and fencing grants to pet owners in need. Helping dogs find forever homes!

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Success Story

The call came into the Dogs Deserve Better Good Newz Rehab Center for Chained and Penned Dogs asking for help for two dogs living in a crate outside in Hampton, Virginia. The young woman had moved a month before, and now (if the dogs were lucky) she drove by once a day to give them food, water, and a potty break. DDB Office Manager Deana Whitfield assumed the woman actually meant a kennel and not a crate, but upon arrival she was appalled; two eight-month-old puppies were crammed into a single crate - in a shed, with garbage and old tools surrounding them - without a drop of food or water in sight.

When Deana freed them from the crate, both dogs immediately starting licking the grass for any available moisture. The woman asked, "Why are they doing that?" She didn't even understand that THEY WERE THIRSTY! As the center was full, our intention was to assess the situation and seek a foster home; when Deana texted a picture of the horrendous conditions, we immediately pulled them out - not another day would be spent cramped in that crate! Eva and Lindsay now know the joy of being dogs. They are learning to play again, and even found a foster home where they nap on the bed and are cuddled daily. Every dog deserves that.with me and saved me. THANK YOU!"