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Fostering Hope


To enrich the lives of children living in foster care and residential treatment by providing unique experiences and giving the community opportunities to profoundly impact a child's life.

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Success Story

After learning about Dreams from her counselor, Kally joined the program at the beginning of her senior year. Kally was approaching the time she would age out of foster care and wanted to meet other teens while trying new activities.

Kally especially enjoyed the escape room and a special clothing design partnership with an exclusive urban fashion retailer. She worked alongside a group of youth in foster care and a professional designer to launch the sale of a sweatshirt expressing who they are and who they hope to be in spite of, not defined by, their foster care experiences.

During these experiences, Kally began to trust the people at Fostering Hope and shared that she dreams of being a social worker one day to help kids like her, kids that have been through really tough stuff. She wants kids to know they deserve better and they can overcome the abuse and other bad experiences they've had.  

So, Fostering Hope connected her with a volunteer, who was also a professional social worker, that would offer her advice on achieving her goal. Kally and the volunteer have been working together for about 2 years.

Recently, Kally emancipated from foster care. Through the Dreams program, she will continue to receive the support of the mentoring adults she's met along the way. In addition, she received an Extreme Hope Makeover of her first apartment. Fostering Hope is giving her the tools she needs to be successful and moments of joy and hope as she navigates life on her own at 18.