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Texas Council on Family Violence Inc


We promote safe and healthy relationships by supporting service providers, facilitating strategic prevention efforts, and creating opportunities for freedom from family violence.

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Success Story

The following was submitted by a National Domestic Violence Hotline Advocate:

I received a call from two 18-year old friends (both were on the phone) who were concerned about another friend. They had dropped her off at her house after going out for dinner, and had observed her husband yelling at her and throwing something at her face while out on the porch. They were worried for her safety, and couldn't understand why she would put up with that behavior from him. They said that they had always considered her a strong person, and were very confused by her "submissive" behavior. The girls also indicated that she was pregnant and had only married this man 4 months earlier. We spoke about the idea that maybe their friend knew best how to keep herself safe at this point, and perhaps what appeared to be submissive behavior was merely protective behavior-protection for herself and her unborn child. We also worked through the things that they could do to be there for her-giving her our hotline number, letting her know they were concerned for her safety, not judging her actions or lack of action and making sure that she had a way of communicating with them when she needed to.