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MAITRI Compassionate Care


No one should suffer or die alone. We provide compassionate, dignified, nonjudgmental, unconditional care for AIDS patients in need of hospice or 24hour care.

Real Life

Maitri provides end-of-life care to people with AIDS - comfort, security, and compassionate friendship toward the end of often long, hard struggles with the disease. The nature of our program is such that few residents live to tell their stories - the words of their survivors would have to suffice -

"Dearest kind, sweet and gentle staff and residents of Maitri: My first thoughts when I learned J was ill was to take him home. However, in my position it was not possible. Maitri turned out to be the best alternative. Thank you all so very much for allowing me to play a major role in my sweet J's care. That alone means so much to me. You all gave him the best possible care and with such great passion ... genuine ... sweet ... gentle, and most of all real care. I always felt good leaving at night because I knew he was being carefully watched and tended to." - from K, partner of a Maitri resident who passed away this spring. We feel very blessed to have had both J and K as part of our community.