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Ride Connection Inc


Ride Connection provides free, customer-focused, safe, reliable transportation options for seniors and people with disabilities in the Portland metro area.

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Success Story

Rosemary's Story

With access to Ride Connection, Rosemary is able to make her physical therapy and other doctor appointments, to the local community pool for exercise and to her salon to keep her hair and nails looking nice.

Through the year’s Rosemary has had a stroke, two hip surgeries, back surgery and problems with her ankle.

“Without Ride Connection’s services I wouldn’t be able to live by myself,” Rosemary said. Before moving into her one-bedroom apartment, Rosemary was living in an adult foster care home. She wasn’t happy there and wanted to find a way to become independent again. Rosemary’s family and doctors weren’t comfortable with her living on her own without having access to transportation so she could make her appointments. With the help of Ride Connection, she can do just that.

Ride Connection was a huge help with her recovery from her hip surgeries, allowing her to get to and from physical therapy three times a week. “Between the physical therapy and pool visits, my recovery was much quicker both times and I am able to live on my own.”