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Multiple Sclerosis Foundation Inc


Multiple Sclerosis impacts individuals and their families. Our free national programs including helplines, education, crisis intervention, homecare grants, and assistive devices motivate, educate and empower MS patients and their loved ones.

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Success Story

Debra and her husband had already lost their jobs, disposable income and very nearly their home to MS. But by June of 2007, the degenerating neurological disease struck the cruelest blow, taking much of Debra's mobility. "I am 38 years old and feel 80," she said.

She needed an electronic scooter that would allow her to go on outings with her 13-year-old son, but after she was laid off and her husband's own MS battle left him unemployed, the couple had declared bankruptcy. Keeping up with COBRA payments for much-needed insurance meant the family was unable to pay their bills, much less spare more for a scooter.

That's when they found the MSF.

Through MSF's Brighter Tomorrow Grant Program, Debra received a travel scooter, a gift not only of mobility but of the independence a young woman deserves.

Each year, the Brighter Tomorrow Grant Program helps hundreds of people across the country afford both products they need for their bodies and items to shore up their soul. Some ask for furniture, a household appliance or home modification. Others request help with a hobby, a class at community college or a tool to kick-start a new business to remain self-sufficient.

This innovative grant program is one of numerous ways the MSF lives out its mission of helping people with MS maintain their health and well-being. Support for our many grant programs offers people with MS hope, dignity and always a Brighter Tomorrow. Your support empowers us to empower others.