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Canine Assistants


Bringing great dogs & special people together! Placing service & companion canines with kids & adults with mobility difficulty, diabetes, epilepsy & other medical needs. Teaching disabilities awareness, K-9 Kids reading programs, & Animal Assisted Therapy.

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Success Story

The little boy's mother had tears running down her face as she read this to the staff of Canine Assistants.

"For months before we came here, my son told me that he thought he was "ready to go to Heaven now". You cannot imagine how it feels for a mother to hear that from her child. I wanted to die myself. Today, I asked Josh if he still wanted to go to Heaven. He looked down at his new dog then looked up at me with the biggest grin I have seen on his little face since we found out he had this terrible disease and said "No way mama! I could never leave Hampton!" When I heard that, I knew that you people had brought Heaven to Earth for me and my family. I wish I knew the people who donated to make this possible so I could tell them myself that they are heroes in our eyes. I don't, so I can only hope that they will somehow know as I fall on my knees each night I thank God for every one of them."

So, too, does everyone at Canine Assistants. Thank you.