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Restoring mobility to veterans and first responders who sustained severe injuries resulting in permanent disability while serving the United States. Support of Segs4Vets helps award Universally Designed Mobility Devices.

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The Segs4Vets Program

Segs4Vets is an unprecedented grass-roots effort sustained and administered by volunteers representing grateful Americans, who passionately believe that when those serving our nation are sent into harm's way, and suffer serious injury and permanent disability they must have every resource and tool available to them, which will allow them to fulfill their dreams and live the highest quality of life possible.

Candidates for the Segs4Vets program have sustained injuries which have resulted in the amputation of one or both legs, extensive soft tissue and muscle injuries, traumatic burn injuries, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injury, and other neurological injuries and disorders.

The Segs4Vets program provides successful candidates with a universally designed mobility device, not yet available through their present benefit package, which does not draw attention to their disability, while providing a more healthful psychological and physiological quality of life.

Segs4Vets has as of June 2012, awarded more than 900 Segways, and was presented the Secretary of the Army's Public Service Award for distinguished public service in providing outstanding support to our Nation's Veterans. Segs4vets was awarded the 2010 Spirit of Hope award from the office of the Secretary of Defense.