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SEEC Corporation


SEEC supports adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities to live, work and thrive in their communities. Your donations make these opportunities possible for over 350 men and women in the Washington D.C. metro area.

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Success Story

Arnold is a man in his forties working at a local CPA firm who commutes to his job via public transportation and enjoys the company of his co-workers. What is different about Arnold is that he has autism.

In the past, Arnold received daily support at his job stocking shelves at Toys R Us. He had behavioral problems and required constant attention. He relied soley on Metro Access cabs or other people to travel about the community.

When it was discovered that Arnold had an uncanny way sequencing letters and numbers, SEEC staff explored employment opportunities that could benefit from this incredible talent. After researching office needs in Arnold's community, it was learned that filing at a local CPA firm had fallen far behind as no one on staff had the time to fill this critical need. In comes Arnold, undaunted by the piles of checks that needed to be organized by a complicated sequence of letters and numbers. With staff support from SEEC, Arnold learned how to clock in at work, go to his work area, and do his job. He also learned how to use public transportation to get to work and other places of interest. Arnold now travels to and from work by himself, no longer needs assistance at work, and earns twice his previous income. Arnold has made a lot of new friends in the community and recently celebrated his two-year anniversary at work. Now happy with life, Arnold's behavioral problems have disappeared and he has truly become a valued member of his community.