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Second Sense


Vision loss is about more than just a loss of sight. It is about loss of confidence, loss of mobility, loss of independence. Our training changes that, giving adults and seniors with new vision loss control over their lives again.

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Success Story

Dee is 79 years old with an easy smile and an indomitable spirit. She had a rich and happy life with her husband of 52 years. Then one September morning, he was diagnosed with stage-four cancer and within two months he was gone. Dee was devastated. But Dee's troubles did not end there. Eight months later, her ophthalmologist told her that the blurry lines she was seeing were the result of macular degeneration. He told her it would continue to get worse until she would be unable to drive, read or even recognize the faces of her grandchildren. There was nothing that could be done, he explained, and then he left the room. Dee was overwhelmed and felt her world spinning out of control. She had so many questions and no one to ask.

Luckily for Dee, she found Second Sense and our training programs. She worked with our staff to learn how to do all the daily tasks she needed to live independently. The most intense was mobility training, where Dee learned to use a white cane to identify her environment. After 30 hours of instruction, Dee was able to go places that had been impossible for her to go to alone."It was amazing how much it takes just to cross a street," Dee explained. "It is never the same from one time to the next. I have to listen to the sound of cars and know how the traffic lights are timed to decide when a car is making a left turn or not."

Dee recently had a mini-stroke, making her vision worse than before. "My vision is even less now and more blurry, but I keep trying. I will not give up. I keep focusing on the positives and all the blessings in my life."