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Forward Stride


We offer equine facilitated learning, rehabilitation services for those with disabilities as well as veterans. We are an inclusive riding program and volunteer program.

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Success Story

Before starting at Forward Stride, Blake had worked with over 30 medical professionals. His mom shares, “Blake was born with a rare genetic disorder that impacts all systems in his body. He has undergone multiple surgeries, and it was believed he might not be able to walk.”

Due to many medical procedures early in his life, Blake had medical trauma and was stagnating in his physical progress. “He was screaming and dysregulated at his PT appointments. Blake has always loved animals, and through searching, I came across Forward Stride.” 

Forward Stride proved to be a game-changer for Blake. From the very first session, the impact was evident. His mom writes, “Immediately, he was excited, motivated, and chatty! The sessions focused on physical development and crucial life skills – regulation, communication, responsibility, and horsemanship.

Blake’s physical therapist, Sheila, shares, “Using the horse as a dynamic surface makes us very different from therapy in a clinical setting. The horse engages people on a cellular level, making us happier. Horses make people WANT to come to therapy, improving their quality of life, self-esteem, and self-confidence. With these new feelings and functions, our clients can go out into the community and make a difference.

Blake’s story is a testament to the potential of therapy that goes beyond conventional methods. His mom shares, “Forward Stride is incredible, and my hope is that with the community’s support, more children can grow alongside the compassionate staff and volunteers.