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Once named Half the Sky, we enrich the lives of orphaned, abandoned or neglected children of China and Vietnam with much needed love and care so that they may thrive! Training caregivers, creating early learning centers, changing lives!

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Success Story

When RuoJun entered Half the Sky's preschool in Chengdu she was "full of fear and insecurity"; she would sit in the corner, not speaking and not making eye contact with her teachers or the other children. Patiently Half the Sky's staff gave her the hugs, the smiles, the encouragement and the creative projects that sparked her imagination.

Gradually, RuoJun came out of her protective shell. She bonded with her teachers, learned to ride a bike with training wheels and learned to interact with her peers, making "many friends." Today, RuoJun is thriving in primary school where she has won a prize for her artwork and high marks from her teachers who say she is a "student who loves to use her brain and always likes to solve problems."