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Blind Babies Foundation


Providing critically needed early intervention and education services for infants and toddlers who are blind, visually impaired or multi-disabled - at no cost to families.

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What the Blind Babies Foundation has meant to my family
In June of 1998, my 6 week-old son was diagnosed with Delayed Visual Maturation. He was completely blind and showed little sign of appropriate motor function. We felt lost and immobilized with fear. The Blind Babies Foundation and our son's counselor, Gail Calvello, offered us a lifeline; in addition to providing desperately-needed information, Gail offered emotional support, guidance, and hope to our family. Her personal warmth and competence helped us to regain our perspective and begin helping our child. Gail has worked diligently and lovingly, alone and with a network of assistance, including visits from a pediatric physical therapist, to improve Benjamin's visual and motor skills. He is progressing beautifully, and we now expect full recovery.

Reflecting on the emotional and physical challenges, we cannot imagine having met them successfully without the vital support of The Blind Babies Foundation. This agency provides a priceless service to our communities and offering it at no cost to the family relieves an enormous burden.

Our family will be forever grateful for the difference the Blind Babies Foundation has made in our lives.

Mother who has received services from the Blind Babies Foundation