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Nick Wilson Charitable Group


Helping Families - providing compassionate and financial support to children, teens and their families while undergoing bone marrow transplantation at Doernbecher Children's Hospital in Portland, Oregon.

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Success Story

In May of 2014, just before his third birthday, Zev became ill with what his parents thought was just a simple infection.  After several tests, the doctors notices he had a low platelet count which led them to test him for leukemia.   After many tests, Zev was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia, JMML.  Doctors felt that his best chance to beat this disease was with a bone marrow transplant.  Many friends and family were tested, including Zev’s twin brother, but none were a match.  Eventually, several donors were found and one donor in particular was chosen as his best chance.  He was given his transplant at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital and after several weeks, he was deemed healthy enough to go home. Tests consistently came back stating that the donor cells were strong and the cancer was at bay.  While at Doernbecher, NWCG brought Zev a Care Kit as well as helped support the family with a Family Grant. 

Since then, Zev’s parents have become an amazing voice for awareness of the need for bone marrow donors.  While looking for a donor for Zev, they took the opportunity to educate so many people on the importance of being tested to be a donor, if not for Zev, but for another person battling cancer.  They continue to give back and help NWCG, his parents have become part of the board of directors and Zev and his twin help at events!  We are happy to report that nine years post-transplant, Zev is doing fantastic!