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ABC House Inc


ABC House is the Child Abuse Intervention Center serving Linn and Benton Counties. ABC House provides abuse assessments, treatment, support, counseling and prevention education.

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Success Story

“I can do this.”  

April took a deep breath and squared her shoulders. It was her second visit to ABC House. Last time she came, right after going into foster care, she didn’t feel ready to talk. When she had tried to explain what happened to her… nothing came out. Even though the ABC House interviewer was patient and kind, after keeping everything inside for so long, it felt just too scary to trust one more grownup.   

April and her 3-year-old brother had been abused by everyone living in her parents’ home: Mom, Dad, uncles and even her grandparents had physically and sexually abused them both. And they threatened her, especially when they got high, never to tell anybody what they did to her.  

She remembered being frightened, hurt and often hungry. Neighbors saw her looking disheveled and dirty. She missed going to school – at least there she could get away from the abuse. But with schools closed, she was trapped.  

After being placed in foster care, April and her brother began to see what a loving family really was. As the months went by, she started to open up a little about what happened to her. Her foster parents reached back out to ABC House to schedule a follow-up appointment. 

This time, April felt ready. Sitting down with the ABC House interviewer, all of the unspeakable things done to her finally started pouring out. After they were done, the interviewer asked her how she was feeling.  April gave her a big smile and exclaimed, “It feels great to get this off my chest and out of my heart!” 

Because of caring supporters like you, April found her voice and started healing. Thank you for helping her and countless children like her!