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CASA of Clackamas County


Make a difference in the lives of abused and neglected children - Help us help them find safe and permanent homes in which to thrive!

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Success Story

David Soukup, a juvenile court judge in Seattle, became frustrated with the way children's cases were being handled. He said, "I have to decide whether or to take a child from the only home he's ever known or leave him someplace where he might possibly be abused. I need someone who can tell me what is best for that child - from the child's viewpoint." From that frustration, CASA was founded.

CASA volunteers take the time to ask each child what s/he is feeling. We interview the parents, the foster parents, the attorneys, the social workers, the therapist, the school teachers - anyone who has any possible relationship with the child. Through all this we remain focused on what is best for the child.

The saddest part of this situation is that we can serve only a fraction of the children who need our volunteer services. There are hundreds of children in the county in foster care who need this service, but only 135 CASA members to defend the rights of these children.