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Feed God's Hungry Children, Inc


No child should go hungry or suffer from preventable sickness and disease. Help us give hope to these forgotten and hurting children by providing food, clothing, education and medical care for the poor in America and third world countries.

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Success Story

Mexico Feeding Program
Mexicali, BC Mexico

Maria de Jesus Jimenez, mother of four children, we met through our food outreach program. She came up to me in tears thanking us for the food we had given her. My response was "I know it is not a lot but I hope it will help out some." She responded this food does not just help some, but it helps us get through the whole month. Maria and her children live in a make shift house made of card board and wood pallets. There is no water, plumbing or electricity.

Recently while Maria and the children were sleeping, one of the candles they used for light accidently caught the house on fire. Maria was awakened by the smoke and fire. Of the four children, she was only able to save and rescue 3 children. Her two year old boy's life was claimed by the fire. When we heard the news of Maria, we were able to help with with the burial of her son. We also got all the neighbors of the colony involved in rebuilding a better home made with boards and helping with furnishings in the house. We gave her love and moral support.

Now Maria and her three children volunteer and help in our food outreach programs. She lost a son but she gained a new family in us.