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WITS professional writers engage underserved children and teachers in the power of reading and writing, inspiring stories, poems, and a literary culture in Houston.

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Success Story

Andrew, a 4th grader at Crespo Elementary, was a polite and creative student that had trouble reading and writing. WITS writer and Andrew's teacher worked with him closely during every WITS lesson and wrote down his ideas for him so that he could participate. Andrew could not write, but he created stories and poems through dictation and was chosen to represent his classroom at the Young Writers Reading Series and read his poem:

Emerald Green

Emerald Green, I adore you
When the wind blows, you shake
When we jump, you land first
I want to sing, "You're everywhere
around me, making my heart want
to burst!"
You're on the trees I always climb
You're on the grass I lie in
You grow on me
You make me smile everywhere I go
I am always thinking about you
You flow down the river, whistling
my song

Andrew couldn't read his poem from the anthology; he worked to memorize it before the reading and recited his piece to hundreds in the audience. Because of his success, he was motivated to learn to read. The WITS program provides children like Andrew who are not often recognized for their work the chance to shine.