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Northeast Texas Child Advocacy Center Inc


Child Victims of Sexual and/or Severe Physical Abuse, Sex Trafficking, Drug endangered and Child witness to violent crimes. Help us end the cycle of child abuse, by providing a place for safety, protection, education & justice.

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Success Story

Thirteen year old, Kaitlin* was sexually abused violently by her uncle. She got severe bruises on her arms and legs while trying to physically fight him off. Now Kaitlin suffers panic attacks, body numbness and possible hallucinations. Anytime the abuse is mentioned, even in indirect terms, she gets quiet and tearful. Now Kaitlin is so fearful of men she can hardly stand to be around them.

Fortunately for Kaitlin and hundreds of other children, the Northeast Texas Child Advocacy Center was there to help. Instead of telling her story many tives over, further victimizing her and her family, Kaitlin told her story once, in a child-friendly environment to a highly skilled and trained interviewer. Katilin and her family received the follow up services they so desperately needed, and the case for child abuse was managed by a multidisciplinary team representing law enforcement, investigators, prosecutors, child protective service workers, medical and mental health professionals all working cooperatively to prosecute the case and provide the short term and follow up services to help them heal. Today, Kaitlin is a happy, healthy little girl and her parents are proud of the progress she has made.