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Boy Scouts of America, Capitol Area Council


Scouting helps children: 91% of 5-year Scouts graduate high school! 93% report increased confidence! 91% say Scouting helped them overcome adversity with courage!

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Success Story

A Life(saving) Lesson

Scouting is a youth program unlike any other, teaching young men to lead and influence his peers. Often, that influence can make a tremendous difference.

At the Capitol Area Council's Lost Pines Boy Scout Summer Camp, acting Senior Patrol Leader Kevin Zimmerman was enrolled in the BSA Lifeguard program. Kevin had plenty of things he either needed to do or wanted to do, but he thought it was important to share what he was learning with a young Scout, Marshall, who was at camp for the first time. Good thing, too.

After returning home from camp, the young Scout, Marshall was swimming at a community pool in Cedar Park. A woman was there, looking after four children, including a toddler. The woman became distracted - long enough for the toddler, inside a float, to drift into a deep part of the pool. Suddenly, the toddler flipped over and was trapped underwater. Marshall reacted instinctively, jumping in and rescuing the toddler. Later, Marshall confided with his mom that he sure was glad that he had talked with his Senior Patrol Leader about lifesaving during summer camp.

Other programs teach kids how to swim or be a lifeguard. Others still emphasize the need for service to others. But Scouting's special formula works like no other - boys leading boys, growing into better young men. Just ask the grateful woman who watched an 11-year-old boy spring into action, to save a life.