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Native American Children's Fund


Native American children are some of the most neglected in the country. Help us offer them promising futures through free summer camps, school coats & shoes, college scholarships, safe water containers, food bank shipments and religious training.

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For 50 years, Native American Children's Fund has provided free summer camps for disadvantage Native American youngsters from Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona and Montana.

Through these camp adventures, our children enjoy all kinds of fun-filled camp games and activities. More importantly, they are motivated and inspired to believe they can change their world for the better!

We challenge each camper to believe these dynamic truths:

  • Believe that you can succeed! Adopt "I CAN!" as a way of life!
  • Make "I was born to fly!" your motto - and we'll help you grow your wings!
  • Dream large and trust in God to help make your dreams come true!

Over the years, we've experienced hundreds of "success stories" involving youngsters who've attended our summer camps. Many have overcome tremendous obstacles in their lives to become successful teachers, ministers, doctors, nurses, businessmen and women.

Additionally, we offer scholarship incentives through our Eagle Flight Scholarship Program. We also provide safe water containers, food, clothing and "Christmas Happiness" to needy Native American families.

You might be interested to know we have an old-fashioned "Promise Chapel" at our summer camp. Our staff goes there often to pray for our dear friends who make this wonderful work possible! Illumined on the 150-year-old pulpit in the chapel is a Bible opened to Matthew 7:7 whose words simply, positively declare: Ask and you shall receive!

Thank you for your interest in Native American Children's Fund. We sincerely hope you will become a treasured new friend of our organization. God Bless you!