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Missionaries of Jesus


Christian missionary organization working in the USA, Guatemala, Mexico, Vietnam, the Philippines. We bring comfort, change, hope, education, health services and the Word of God to the marginalized and the poor, working for peace, justice and inclusivity.

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Success Story

Tribal Filipino Literacy School.

The literacy program is an integral part of our work which also includes evangelization, agriculture, health, and community development. It caters to isolated, small and impoverished communities of the mission - separated by mountains, rivers, and inaccessible roads, are without a public primary school.

The school starts usually with one class of grade one pupils (ranging from 6 years of age to 15). Those who pass the final exams proceed to grade two until they reach grade four. Only after grade four will the school start again with grade one and with a new set of pupils. Only then can those who failed in the previous years enroll again. It is non-formal/tribal because it utilizes a special system of education that makes use of the local Filipino language (Tagakaulo) and local concepts or culture in its pedagogy.

The Missionaries of Jesus take charge of the recruitment, training, on-going formation, supervision and the monthly allowance of the teachers. The partner community takes care of the construction and maintenance of the school building, plus the daily sustenance of the teacher which includes one cup of rice or corn per pupil per week, vegetables and a monthly fee per pupil for the running of the school.

The pupils coming from our schools are excelling beyond expectation so much so that when they join the mainstream public school, they are considered the best in their class.

Thanks to your financial support, we can help the poor achieve their dreams.