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Child Abuse Prevention Council Of Contra Costa County


Prevention of child abuse by raising awareness, providing resources,education and support to families, and programs designed to keep kids safe. Services in English/Spanish.

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Success Story

One Dad enrolled in the Child Abuse Prevention Council’s Nurturing Parenting Program (NPP) class in January 2020 to become the father and role model he never had. He shared having a difficult childhood, and during his adolescence he made poor choices which led him to lose loved ones, including his children. But he started to make changes. Dad found a church which provided emotional support and he then felt the need to do more for his children, especially his 13-year-old boy with special needs living in a group home.

Dad didn’t miss a single NPP session, often coming straight from work and apologizing for not being “presentable” after a long day of labor. Staff was amazed by his ability to ask important questions and contribute. His curiosity helped him learn new strategies to connect with his children. Dad explained that he never imagined how much he missed by not “being there” for his children and how now he is enjoying each minute with his kids. “It hasn’t been easy,” Dad says, but he now has more skills to parent his children and believes in his potential to be a father.

Dad completed NPP and has requested to continue. Dad’s pre and post evaluations show his curiosity has paid off and that his risk of child abuse is now very low. He shared that he is not giving up, he is now ready to be the role model he did not have as a child and he is asking for a second chance. He is also learning about his child’s disability and the support needed to care for him. Dad’s journey will continue, and he believes it’s all worth it.