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A Mission For Children


Aiding the most underprivileged, poverty-stricken children and families in Nicaragua, with priority in the areas of Education, Health, Nutrition, Sustainable Development of low-income communities, and Emergency Aid.

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Success Story

In Nicaragua, 17.3% of children under 5 have malnutrition problems, specially in the northern part of the country. In most cases, malnutrition is due to extreme poverty, since parents don't have the means to provide basic needs to their children. A Mission for Children (ANF) works closely with 6 specialized centers throughout Nicaragua, where children receive comprehensive care, food, nutritional supplements and vitamins. It also guides parents on how to tap into local food resources to improve nutrition, and develops nutritional education campaigns in schools, where primary school children are taught the importance of balanced nutrition, breakfast, water consumption and exercise, promoting healthy lifestyles from childhood and contributing to prevent chronic diseases. A case in point is Adrianita who arrived at a nutritional center weighing 22 pounds at 6 years old. She spent 11 months at the center until she reached 44 ½ pounds. Her mother told us: "she lost all her hair, couldn't walk and just crawled on the floor. I thought she was going to die." Today, Adrianita is happy and doing well in school. Her mother is thankful for the center that saved Adrianita's life. All this work can be accomplished thanks to you, our donors.