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Orphanos Foundation


Christian mission partnering with Christian ministries and missionaries to impact 20,000+ at-risk children each month through feeding programs, sex-trafficking rescue, medical clinics, schools, and residential programs in 20+ countries.

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Success Story

I'm Robin and this is my sister Tamara. We live the Amazon Jungle. A few years ago we were not as happy as we are today. Our family was extremely poor. It seemed there was never enough to eat. One night a terrible thing happened; our mom died. We were so afraid and confused and didn't know what to do. Dad started leaving us alone all day so he could go into the city and look for work and food. There was four of us all under the age of 6 yrs old. We didn't like being left alone because people in our area didn't treat us nice while dad was gone. It was really hard. My youngest brother even died. We were desperate.

Then someone at one of the seven Orphanos sponsored Homes for Children invited us to come and live there. We couldn't believe all the food we were given. Not just once, but every day! It was amazing. They gave us new clothes and even helped us to go to school. I like school even though it's hard. But it's not as hard as trying to survive on our own. We still even get to see my dad every week! Don't feel sorry for us, we are very happy now with the other 80+ kids here. If you must, then feel sorry for the other kids we see every day as we walk to school. They still need someone to rescue them.

All designated gifts to Orphanos as passed through 100% without administration fee.