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Abused Children's Fund, Inc.


Children are hurt daily by emotional, physical and sexual abuse. We provide or support programs delivering food, clean water, health care, housing, and educational/vocational training/mentoring to women/children/families in under-developed communities.

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Success Story

Boys and girls raised in rural Cambodia are among the poorest in the world, but they still enjoy happiness in their childlike play. So it was for Sambath. But, things fell apart for Sambath when her father abandoned her mother leaving her destitute. Alone, with 7 young children, and no resources at hand to provide for them, Sambath's mother (seeing no other options) sold her to a recruiter who transported her from her rural village to be trafficked in a brothel in Phnom Penh doing a brisk business in the "trade".

While stories rely on words to be told, words alone fail to convey the unspeakable heartache Sambath suffered during the period of time she spent in the grip of this violation. She was 15 when our team rescued her and the long recovery for this betrayed young girl began. There were deep lessons to be learned from her new friends and supporters. Sambath learned to love again. She also learned through many tears to forgive.

As Sambath progressed she succeeded in being trained as a beautician. She had learned another valuable skill, she learned how to plant and nourish a dream ~ of someday having her own business. She also held on to a Hope that she would someday have a loving relationship with her mother restored. As it turned out, her mother helped her open a beauty salon right under the house they share together. Hopes and dreams sometimes come true. For Sambath both were achieved.

Thank You!!