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Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation of the United States, Inc.


More children are diagnosed and dying from brain tumors than ever before. We're leading the way to a world without childhood brain cancer by funding and advocating for new research and directing family support resources where the need is greatest.

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Success Story

Tammy Odell remembers exactly when she knew something was wrong with her son, Alex Nunes. "We were in the grocery store. He was 4 years old and being ornery," she recalls. "I told him to get out of something and he turned around and he grinned. And his eyes were crossed." After that, it took three visits to eye doctors before a CAT scan revealed a brain tumor. Alex underwent a complete resection, followed by chemotherapy and radiation. "He had to learn to walk and talk again," Tammy says. "But he bounced back." Today, Alex is a healthy 24-year-old. However, he does experience limitations because of his tumor. For instance, he can't drive or handle money. "I have to explain to [Alex], this is what happened to you, this is what you lived through, this is how strong you are," Tammy says.

As the leading non-profit funder of childhood brain tumor research, our mission is to cure the kids. To accomplish our mission, we aim to fund research to find the cause of and cure for pediatric brain tumors; increase public awareness about the severity and prevalence of one of the deadliest forms of childhood cancer; aid in the early detection and treatment of this disease; support a national database on all primary brain tumors; and provide educational and emotional support for patients and families.

Will you join us in making an investment in the lives of children and families today?