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Education is the key to a brighter future - help us help low income children succeed in school through our free individualized after school tutoring program.

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In the spring of 2006, Odalis, a seventh grader, was frustrated and nervous about her upcoming state exams in mathematics. Two months later, after Homework House tutoring by Miguel,who despite poverty and deprivation had the highest grades in the state tests as a sophomore, Odalis received a high score in her mathematics MCAS. She entered eighth grade with newfound confidence. She continued with tutoring throughout her eighth grade and finished the year a presidential scholar with the highest grades in the entire middle school. Bolstered by her profound sense of accomplishment and the encouragement of parents who referred her to Homework House and supported her every step of the way, as a freshman honor student she determined to take her next step and become a Homework House tutor. She knew a fellow freshman from her poor neighborhood who, as a special needs student, had completed eighth grade yet unable to read. Last September, Odalis patiently and creatively began to teach Zuleyka. Recognizing that her name began with the last letter of the alphabet and ended with the first and that she shared with her classmate a love of art, the two created a lovely and lively alphabet, A to Z. Little by little and for the first time, the girl she was teaching began to read. By May the two could not contain their new sense of themselves and their shared experience. Odalis now wants to go to Yale, her math tutor is beginning his studies at the local community college, and Zuleyka begins her sophomore year reading.