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Help an abandoned child! We provide adoption services and support to babies and children who need permanent, loving families. Every dollar saves children's lives!

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Kathleen and Chuck aren't new to international adoption. They adopted three children (now in their teens and 20s) from Russia and adopted Addison, now 9 years old, from China in 2017. Addison, a beautiful and chatty social butterfly, was diagnosed with very complex congenital heart disease, pulmonary hypertension, several transposed vessels and major organs. Kathleen and Chuck were told by a specialist that she wouldn't live much longer. Given that diagnosis they thought she would be happier spending her last days or months in familiar surroundings. Two years later Addison popped back up on a waiting child website. She was weak, lived with many restrictions on activities, and suffered several bouts of pneumonia. At one point she was considered too ill to survive the trip to the US. Chinese doctors wouldn't perform surgery because the risks were too great. Kathleen and Chuck decided to move forward with Addison's adoption and asked Cradle of Hope Adoption Center for assistance, since they had positive experiences with Cradle of Hope during their previous adoptions. After many months and piles of paperwork, Addison's adoption was completed. She had cardiac consultations immediately upon arriving back in the US. One doctor said it was too late to save her. Other cardiologists said they would try to save her, that the surgery was VERY risky and that she may not survive the surgery but, she would die soon if they did nothing. Successful, lengthy surgery was performed in early 2018. Addison has made an amazing recovery and she repeatedly told doctors "Thank you for fixing my heart." Her whole life awaits her, thanks to her doctors and Cradle of Hope.