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Christian Freedom International, Inc.


Help persecuted Christians who are suffering for their faith in Jesus Christ. We deliver aid, medicine, education, Bibles; we report atrocities occurring worldwide; work in Bangladesh,  Egypt, Nigeria, North Korea, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Burma & Thailand.

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Success Story

Things a Second Grader Should Never See

"I heard the first shell at 2:30pm, while my mother was bathing us. Everything was in a commotion and confusion. It was frightful to see people running with no direction in mind and following those in front of them. Several people were hit with shrapnel and I saw them running with blood on their shirts. As we ran toward the city of Maesot in Thailand, I remember I saw a man running without his head. The gun was around his shoulder and his head was falling down. At that time he didn't know his head was down and he kept running for almost a minute. We were all scared about that. I asked my mother, 'Why does he have no head and he is still running?' 'Because his blood was warm and he doesn't know he has no head,' mother answered. The man running without the head - it's there in my eyes when I talk about him."

Over 1.5 million people are living displaced in the jungles of Burma. Mimi's story is but one. Every day Christian Freedom International helps hundreds of men, women, and children throughout Southeast Asia with jungle hospitals, backpack medics, schools, orphanages, daily relief, self-help initiatives, and emergency aid.