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Children's Feeding Network


Rushing life-saving medical and nutritional support to supplement the needs of children suffering from malnutrition and sickness in the third world and the United States.

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Success Story

Children's Feeding Network is actively working in hard hit areas of the world where innocent children are suffering tremendously.  We feed children in U.S. inner cities, as well as rushing food and medical supplies to the most needy in Philippines, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Mexico and Africa.  Most recently, CFN is rushing immune buiding nutritional suppliments to children and orphans in Africa and seeing marvelous recoveries from the wasting and destruction of AIDS in their little bodies.  These children are able to go to school again and don't have to worry about dying.    We are set on helping the 3.2 million children in Africa who are stricken with AIDS, as well as bringing help to the 800 orphans that are created every day because their parents are dying of the AIDS epidemic.  Thank you for your continued support!