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Feeding America's Hungry Children


America's Children Hungry! Desperate for Food! Hurting and without Hope! Help us provide for the desperate food needs of impoverished children throughout America. Your donation helps provide fresh fruits and vegetables to the most needy in our communities!

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Success Story

In October, I was handed a flyer about M.O.M from a work associate of my daughters. After looking it over, I thought it was not for me, since I was a single person and could never use that much produce. I later decided to go to one of the churches the next Saturday just to observe. After seeing the quality of the produce, I decided, that I could get it and share with several families who are struggling. And that is exactly what I did.

On my second Saturday trip, I decided to become a member, and what a great value that is. It has become a fun project for me and I have met some of the nicest people. Some are helpers from the churches and some are standing in line like me.

One was the semi driver, who brings the produce in, and he was helping the customers as well as doing his job. It was a pleasure to talk to him and to the many church and school helpers that work at putting out the produce.

I have had numerous experiences and all of them positive. I personally appreciate what you have given to our community. Helping to put an end to waste and helping put healthier food on the table for struggling families. I will pray that this program continues and for many blessing to come the way .