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Philippine Children's Shelter


Providing Filipino children experiencing homelessness a loving home complete with holistic care that includes food, medicine and education in a residential care setting and school. You can make an impact in the life of an orphaned or vulnerable child!

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Success Story

Jerald (9) and Princess (6) came to live at the Philippine Children's Shelter this summer. Prior to coming to the shelter, they lived in one of the most awful places in Cebu, the city dump. There are literally mountains of garbage brought in from all over the city. These children were living there with their grandmother. They spent their days scrounging for food to eat. As their grandmother's health was failing, she wanted a better life for her grandchildren, so she brought them to CSC. Princess was admitted first, and we started to treat some of her medical issues. She was diagnosed with Hepatitis B and began taking medicine. She also underwent surgery to repair her palate. We hope this will improve her speech. Just a few weeks after she was admitted, we were able to celebrate her birthday with her. This was a first for Princess. She smiled from ear to ear the entire evening. Princess joined the pre-school classroom and is excited to learn. She is close to her brother and enjoys the times they can hang out together. Jerald is a sweet child and a good student. He has a great attitude and is thankful to be able to attend school. He loves adult attention, but he has a hard time sharing and getting along with other children. Jerald likes the riding toys on the playground. We can see him start to learn to make friends. Because of donors like you, Jerald and Princess finally have their needs being met. They have nutritious food to eat, a safe place to sleep, medicine, a chance to learn and people who provide them love. Thank you for giving them a chance at life.