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Gift of Adoption Fund, Inc.


Uniting children in vulnerable circumstances with permanent families through adoption assistance grants which eliminate the financial barriers that prevent or delay adoptions. Your gift puts adoption within reach for at-risk children in need of families.

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Over 143 million children worldwide have been orphaned, abandoned, or taken from their parents due to extreme abuse or neglect. These children live in foster homes, institutions, and on the streets.

For many of these children, adoption into a loving family is the right thing.

Gift of Adoption fills the void that separates child from family. By providing grants to qualified parents to complete the process - we give children without families permanent homes and the chance to thrive.

Meet Elizabeth, Max, and Zoe. Elizabeth, Max, and Zoe are biological siblings who were placed for adoption when their birth mother terminated her parental rights. Prior to terminating her rights, she had worked with an adoption agency to find adoptive parents for her children. When the family who planned to adopt the children was not able to continue, Rachel and Elias stepped in.

Rachel shares, "The agency told us that the other family wasn't able to continue but the mother's rights had already been terminated. The kids were staying with volunteers. They had no family. We immediately said 'yes', knowing that these kids would likely go into foster care and be separated."

Sibling relationships help children maintain a positive sense of identity and knowledge of their cultural, personal, and family histories. This makes keeping biological siblings together through adoption a priority.

A grant from Gift of Adoption provided the last funds needed to complete these adoptions - giving these children a permanent home and a chance to thrive.