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Western DuPage Special Recreation Association Foundation


Child with Down syndrome learns swimming in Toddler Swimming, teen with Autism explores creativity in Ceramics, Prom invites adults out for dinner and dancing.

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Success Story

At age 10, a very active little girl named Susan, was diagnosed with bone cancer in her left leg just above the knee. She was given two choices; the least evasive but less successful choice was a combination of radiation and chemotherapy, the second choice was to amputate the leg. Susan knew that by keeping the leg she would always have the possiblity of the cancer returning and the leg would never be 100%. Susan decided to have her leg amputed. At age 11, Susan began participating in Wheelchair Sports with WDSRA. She played throughout her high school years and this year she is a Senior at a Big 10 college on a sports scholarship. She was a member of the Women's USA wheelchair team and was an alternate for the Paralympics. Due to opportunities provided by Western DuPage Special Recreation Association, Susan has never looked back. She is confident, persistent and someday we will see her with an Olympic Medal around her neck.