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Children with Deformities - A Second Chance through Surgery


Free comprehensive, long-term medical care for children suffering from cleft lip and palate, burns and scars from abuse, and other life-limiting deformities and conditions.

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Success Story

At 8 years old Daniel was severely attacked by a dog at a playground after school. The dog bit off most of his left ear and damaged his face. Daniel received some minor surgeries to close the wounds but his lack of insurance, combined with the fact that his family had little income, left him with few options. Luckily, at 13, Daniel was referred to Fresh Start and began the long process of recovery from the attack that had changed his life.
Fresh Start provided Daniel with reconstructive surgeries, scar revision, travel to the Fresh Start Clinic in San Diego, lodging, and food free of charge during his treatment. Now 17, Daniel is almost completely recovered and has only a few more surgeries left to minimize his scars and to complete his left ear reconstruction. Daniel wrote a letter to Fresh Start to express his gratitude:

Dear Fresh Start,
My family and I didn't know how we were going to get help because financially we weren't ready for what happened to me. Five years after the attack, a friend of our family recommended Fresh Start, which changed my life forever.
Saying thank you may not be enough, but that is all I have. You helped me regain my life, and you have made me see that for every problem that is in the world, there is someone who will always help you get back up on your feet. After God and my family, I put you guys third in my life. Just like the Good Samaritan, Fresh Start rescued my right when I needed you the most.
I could never repay you. No amount of diamonds or gold would satisfy the thankfulness that I have towards you. Someday, I'll be one of the many great surgeons helping, so save a spot for me.

Thank you,