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Gracewood Inc


Gracewood delivers transitional housing, counseling, and resources that help vulnerable single mothers and their children move beyond trauma, poverty, and other barriers and achieve stability.

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Success Story

Nights were the worst in the small trailer Mary* shared with her two young sons. Her meager salary left no money for gas and electricity. She carted hot water from a friend's house and lit candles to see, but could do little about the temperature. Her older son especially suffered. Plagued by asthma and sleep apnea, the stagnant night air made it tough for him to breathe. Unable to afford a move, Mary felt trapped in a nightmare.

As her son's health worsened, Mary prayed God would deliver her family from chaos. Then one day, someone told Mary about Gracewood. There, her children would have a real roof over their heads, with running water, heat and light. Mary knew her prayers had been answered.

Gracewood offers hope to struggling single mothers like Mary and their children by leading them out of perilous situations and into happier, healthier lives. With basic needs met, families at Gracewood can work their way out of despair and begin to see possibilities for their future.

Mary is forever grateful for the place that took her family in and opened her heart to hope. In the four months her family lived at Gracewood, their world changed dramatically. Gracewood provided scholarship help so Mary could further her education. With money saved, the family moved into a warm, comfortable apartment where Mary's boys are enjoying a more carefree childhood. The desperate, candlelit nights of the past were gone forever.

*Name changed for privacy.