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Children of Vietnam


Lift children out of poverty in Vietnam by eliminating barriers to their potential through: education, healthcare, nutrition, clean water, livelihood. Build community resilience by building capacity of local institutions and empowering women and girls.

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We Do Not Know Why Our Children Face Up To Bad Luck

We are farmers, leading a normal life as the others do, but we do not know why our children face up to bad luck, they are all disabled children, the couple said with anguish spread across their faces.

In 1982 a boy named Vo Son was born yet his parents were felt sadness. His legs and hands are distorted. As time goes by, Son slowly develops, but his mental health gets worse and worse. His convulsions make the family afraid to take him out of the house. Thus, Son is left at home all the time. Every day, Son plays with his younger sister, Lan, who is in the same situation as Son. She has both legs and her left hand paralyzed. The parents blame Agent Orange exposure. Like her brother, Lan is rarely taken out of the house. One parent stays home all the time to take care of their children while the other goes to work in the field. It is hard for us to take care of them with daily activities, explains their mother.

The family was so excited when they received the news from Children of Vietnam that Son and Lan will be granted two wheelchairs. They arrived at the Distribution Ceremony very early. The parents said, When we took the children into the wheelchairs, we felt thrilled, their mental health can be improved.