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Hope Abides


Hope Abides provides help to some of the 25 million orphaned and destitute children in India. We focus on improving educational opportunities and basic necessities.

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Success Story

One of our biggest partners is (name withheld). In the 2019/2020 school year they have about four dozen children in college and university needing help. ANNUAL tuition for each runs from $159 to $2,200 for our 5th year medical student.

After 10th grade the children go to college which is 2 years. Junior college has primarily 4 groups to choose from and the students only learn subjects that fall under that specific category.   

Here is each group/category and the path it leads to in University

BIPC (Biology, Physics, Chemistry) - Medical
CEC (Commerce, Economics, Civics) - Accounting
MPC (Math, Physics, Chemistry) – Engineering
TTC (Teacher Training College)

We have our younger college kids entering very solid specialization fields, and the older university kids that are now studying Medicine, Engineering, Accounting, etc.

The kids are doing exceptionally well with their studies. GPA/Exam scores run from 6.8 to 9.9.  See this link for an explanation of the Indian grade system. Spoiler alert –it isn’t easy!

They study hard and are taking every advantage of the opportunities provided to them.  The best news is that the children who are now adults and in the work force are giving back to the orphanage. They are reaching back to help their younger ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’. Some donating 20%, 25% or more of their earnings.

Many of us are blessed.  I am humbled to say that with all the advantages I had growing up in this country I didn’t do as well in school as many of our children. They truly deserve your support.