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Lithuanian Catholic Religious Aid, Inc.


Our mission is to rebuild a Catholic-Christian Lithuania and a Lithuanian community world-wide that promotes strong family values, education of youth within a faith tradition, respectful care of the elderly as bearers of tradition, and dignity for all.

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Success Story

One of the success stories of LCRA supporting projects are Betzata Community Living Home in Lithuania. Everyone is unique in their holiness, everyone is precious, and we are all called to this life with a mission, said Jean Vanier, founder of the Ark community. Houses of people with intellectual disabilities living together with health-conscious people have scattered throughout the world inspired by his words. The Betzata Community Living Home, located near Vilnius, is one of them. Living in a home as a family and participating in the family community where everyone can feel eampowered - to have their own room, their favorite activities, to share their talents and show them to the community so they would become valued members. There are some people who fear such homes and individuals with intellectual disabilities because they do not understand them, but a visit to Betzata Living House transforms the word "disability" in to “ability” because there is a lot of joy, laughter and love. Lithuanian Catholic Religious Aid has been supporting this nurturing home environment and community for a number of years. Support from LCRA gave Betzata residents a chance to escape from their daily routine - experience retreats, summer camps, and fullnesss of life.