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Lawyers' Campaign for Equal Justice


CEJ works to improve the well being of the people of Oregon by supporting access to civil legal services to those who live in poverty.

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Success Story

Rose suffered abuse throughout her relationship with Jon, the father of her daughter Emma. In 2018, he attempted to kidnap Rose during an incident of domestic violence and he was sentenced to several years in prison. Despite his incarceration, however, he continued to harass Rose through his family members. Not knowing what else to do, Rose fled the state with her two children for safety.

Rose thought she would be safe once Jon was put in jail, but the problems continued. She just wanted to get on with her life, free of Jon’s threats and abuse. She knew she needed protection, as well as help securing custody of Emma and ensuring Emma’s safety.

Legal aid agreed to represent Rose in the custody modification case; helped her apply for a stalking order to protect her from Jon; and helped her apply for a protective order to prevent him and his family from finding out where Rose and Emma lived. When Rose finally got her day in court, the judge awarded her sole custody of Emma, with no parenting time for Jon. She was also granted a permanent stalking protective order against Jon. With the help of legal aid, Rose and her family are now safe, healthy, and thriving in their new community.