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Our Military Kids Inc.


We award extracurricular activity grants to children and teens of deployed National Guard, deployed Reserve, and post-9/11 Veterans in treatment for combat injuries, illnesses, or wounds. Help build children's self confidence and enhance famliy wellness.

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Success Story

In 3rd grade, Matthew was subjected to a bully, who made comments such as "I hope your Dad dies" and "He goes over there to get away from you." With all of the teasing and tormenting, Matthew's self-esteem dropped to the point that he did not want to live on earth anymore. With the decline of his self-esteem came the drop in grades. Matthew's mother applied for a grant from Our Military Kids to get a tutor for Matthew. She also had him transferred to a different school. With the change of schools, and the addition of a tutor, Matthew's grades improved immensely, and he is now on the above average scale on his state mandated tests. Matthew's mother said she believes this would not have happened without the help of the tutor. "As his grades continued to improve, so did his self-esteem. With all of the extra duties I needed to take on when my husband deployed, it was nice to be able to get tutoring help. Thank you for helping to raise my son!"

Another mother wrote: "Our Military Kids opened doors to my children and it allows them a chance at opportunities they may not have otherwise been able to experience. My son was able to participate in his Boy Scout Troop's Appalachian Trail Backpacking Trip, and my daughter is taking ballet classes at a local school. This, of course, does not bring their father back any sooner, or make the hurt of him being gone any better, but it brings back a light to their eyes that I have not seen recently."