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Chinese Culture And Community Service Center, Inc.


CCACC offers a variety of services to the community: care for the elderly, education for kids, and recreation and healthcare for all. Our mission is to promote diversity by representing the Asian American population, and helping those in need.

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From East to West - CCACC Bridges Art and Entertainment Across Cultures
The two week long Lunar New Year celebration at Lakeforest Mall in Gaithersburg, Maryland that has been staged every year for the past ten years or so is super. It contains stage performences of music and dance as well as exhibitions of Chinese paintings, calligraphy, photography, Bonsai, other handicrafts, and a theme exhibition that changes every year. There are activities for everyone to participate. The event really brings arts and entertainments to the community and lets people learn more about Chinese culture.


CCACC Pan Asian Volunteer Health Clinic is here for you!
Ms. Wang lived in Montgomery County and had no health insurance, but being from a low-income family made her eligible to use the Pan Asian Volunteer Health Clinic. Worried about hereditary breast cancer, she called the clinic and made an appointment to get a checkup at the clinic's Woman's Wellness event later that month. She showed up on the appointed day, and was given a comprehensive breast exam by a female doctor. The checkup also included a Pap Smear (aka cervical smear, which refers to the cells sampled from the cervix and examined under a microscope to check for abnormal cells).

The checkup was finished on the same day, and the clinic referred Ms. Wang to Shady Grove Adventist Hospital for a free mammogram (Mammogram Screening). The clinic staff informed her that if the mammogram results were abnormal, then they would help her apply for state funding in order to pay for further treatment.