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Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility


A watchdog organization helping public employees defend our environment against exploitation & pollution. Help support their courageous fight to protect natural resources, maintain government accountability and fight for scientific integrity.

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PEER is a national alliance of scientists, law enforcement officers, land managers and other professionals dedicated to upholding environmental laws and values. PEER allows public servants to work as "anonymous activists" so that public agencies must confront the message, rather than the messenger.

Public employees are a unique force working for environmental enforcement. In the ever-changing tide of political leadership, these front-line employees stand as the first line of defense against the exploitation and pollution of our environment. Their unmatched technical knowledge, professional ethic and proven expertise make these professionals a credible voice for meaningful reform.

Resource employees in government agencies have unique responsibilities as stewards of the environment. PEER supports those who are courageous and idealistic enough to seek a higher standard of environmental ethics and scientific integrity within their agency. In 2008, PEER worked with a young whistleblower in the US Army Corps of Engineers to expose an effort to weaken the protections of the Clean Water Act for the LA and Santa Cruz River systems. At issue: how much development and diversion can take place on these and other rivers throughout the arid West? PEER was able to negotiate a successful resolution both for the whistleblower, who will now attend law school to become an environmental attorney, and for the environment, after Rep. Henry Waxman's office became involved and introduced legislation to strengthen the provisions of the Clean Water Act.