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Summit Assistance Dogs


We create life-changing partnerships, by training highly-skilled mobility assistance dogs for people living with disabilities, providing greater independence and confidence.

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Success Story

Louise had to have an above the knee amputation and since then, relies on a wheelchair to get around. She is very active but lost some of her independence and sense of safety when this happened. She applied to Summit and waited over 3 years to receive the assistance dog that was the right match for her needs and personality.

That dog's name is Cloud, a beautiful yellow lab with very soulful eyes. Cloud is able to help Louise by picking up and retrieving items, opening and closing doors, turninig on and off lights and other tasks that Louise isn't able to manage on her own.

When she attended Team Training in May of 2010, in which the recipients receive the guidance and information needed to forge this special partnership, the bond between the two was already apparent. Although the wait had been hard, she knew she had received the "right dog", Cloud was the helper meant for her.