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Spay-Neuter Assistance Program, Inc.


Homeless cats & dogs wander every neighborhood, destined for suffering, abuse, and/or euthanasia. Please help SNAP prevent unplanned litters which lead to overpopulation by providing social services to low-income clients, affordable spay/neuter & vet care.

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Success Story

He was found on the side of the road, abandoned like garbage with a bullet lodged deep within his shoulder. Yet as Pat and his friends helped load the unaltered pitbull mix into their truck to save him, the dog was able to wag his tail in hope even through his unimaginable pain. Although his shoulder was shattered beyond repair and his front leg removed, this dog's gentle personality never faltered, and Pat knew that he had found a friend for life. He named the dog Rocky, a fitting name for an animal who had gone through so much. Although Rocky's recovery wasn't an easy one, the love and support of his new family helped get him through. After Rocky had recuperated, Pat knew that his companion needed to be neutered to continue living a healthy life. So Pat scheduled an appointment at one of our SNAP clinics, where he knew Rocky would receive the care he deserved. Now, Rocky is living his best life and no longer unknowingly contributing to the cycle of animal overpopulation.

Every animal who visits SNAP has a story. They cannot tell us what they have been through, and we can only guess about the lives some of our four-legged clients have led before being taken in by their loving families. What we do know is that every animal receives the same level of high-quality care and compassion they deserve at SNAP. Spay-neuter is vital to stopping the cruel cycle of animal overpopulation which causes so many dogs and cats to suffer. By preventing unwanted births we are able to prevent more animals from meeting a sad end in the streets or in shelters. But we cannot provide these necessary services without you. Make a difference for animals like Rocky by donating to SNAP today.