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Cat Tails, Inc.


Saving cats from euthanasia. We rescue abandoned cats, provide shelter, vaccines, and veterinarian services. We are dedicated to finding loving forever homes for these deserving animals.

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Success Story

This is Millie's story. On a cold December day, a kind lady saw children throwing rocks at Millie. She made them stop, and when she went to see if Millie was alright she found her covered in motor oil and took her to the local shelter.

At the shelter, Millie became ill with a respiratory infection. The shelter called a rescuer and said that Millie needed to be rescued THAT DAY -- or she would be euthanized. That's when the volunteers at Cat Tails sprang into action! They coordinated Millie's rescue from the shelter, and transported her to a wonderful veterinary clinic. She was there for nine days, receiving IV fluids, medications for her infection and sores in her mouth, and a host of other treatments to save her life. And they DID save her life!

Millie continued to recover, heal, and put on weight at a Cat Tails foster home. She is a beautiful, sweet girl who will touch your face with hers and purr to let you know that she loves her life -- the one saved by Cat Tails.

Millie is just one of many lives Cat Tails is saving. An all-volunteer organization, donations are needed to offset significant expenses, particularly for veterinarian bills such as the intense treatment that Millie needed to survive.

You can't put a price on a life. Cat Tails did everything necessary to save Millie without ever considering the costs. And on February 5, 2011, Millie found her forever home!